Staff Lockers

Individual, Protected Space

With offices moving towards hybrid workspaces, shared spaces are increasing, as are personal desks, which are disappearing almost entirely. To enhance their ability to move about freely while still giving them the secure feel of a permanent desk, a smart locker is great.
Even in a highly dynamic workplace, your people will always have their own private space with a smart personal locker set up.
Staff lockers and office storage play an important role in commercial establishments. The idea behind having staff lockers is to ensure that there are no objects cluttering up employees' workplaces because this makes it difficult for them to identify where certain things should be kept, if indeed at all.

Staff Lockers

How Big Are the Lockers?

Our storage facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer we work with. The cabinets we install in business and commercial rooms are designed to store business equipment and personal belongings.
We also design and assemble office shelves for large items or hanging items, such as coats. We also make small shelves for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or documents.
Whatever your requirements, we recommend a minimum width of 200mm for Simplicity cabinets (or 300mm if the control panel is fitted in the door lock). Contact us for your smart cabinet needs. Our experts will advise you on the best size for your available space.

Benefits of Staff Locker

Save the Best Space in the Office

It is suggested not to keep an excess of storage space in your office that is lying idle but to optimize the usage of the available space. Concealing. If your team is already hot decking or you are contemplating a career metamorphosis, we can aid you in ascertaining the quantum of storage space required in your office. Inform us about what needs safekeeping and the individuals requiring entry to it. We are able to set up your storage box such that either an individual user or a group can retrieve what has been stored therein. Let's come up with some design ideas that would fit within your existing space layout. Storage cabinets come in numerous sizes. Just let us know the amount of space you have, and we'll craft a storage solution tailored to fit your belongings securely. In our Convergence furniture collection, we have a versatile fitting that can serve as a table or complement your living room decor, whichever way you prefer it to be used.