IT Asset Lockers

IT Asset Smart Lockers represent solutions

Designed to meet the unique storage and management needs of modern IT departments and organizations. Combined with cutting-edge technology and strong security features, these products provide a safe, efficient, and advanced way to store and manage valuable IT equipment such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices.
The basis of the IT-enabled smart cabinet is individual elements or sections equipped with electronic devices controlled by a central control. Employees (such as IT administrators or employees) can easily access and manage IT equipment stored in the rack via a touch screen, web-based portal, or mobile app access system.

IT Asset Lockers

Better Manage And Track Equipment

With teams working remotely, or between home and the office, you can help with remote IT asset distribution and management. With IT spare part configuration, employees can receive, manage, and track IT equipment or inventory across the organization with end-to-end access tracking.

Fully automate your asset management, create full accountability for your equipment and have a constant, live audit of your estate

Asset Management Benefits

Real Accountability

By tracking who used what, when, pinpoint repeat offenders and stop the damage of your devices

Live Analytics

Our smart locker management system records actions in real time, so you can see your locker status at a glance.

Automated Audits

Remove the need for manual audits, equipment is tracked in and out of lockers, so you know where your kit is at all times.

Live Asset Tracking

Use eLocker to track assets in real time, keeping you up to date on who used what, when

Easy to Use

Built by geeks, not for geeks - eLocker has the perfect balance of features you need, without making it complicated.

No More Wires

eLocker is a wireless smart locker solution, making your lockers flexible and easy to reposition.

Complete Security

Reduce theft, false loss claims by having live usage data and audits from your smart locks.

Self Service

Stop wasting time manually handing out equipment, our smart locker locks are fully self service, reducing your admin burden.