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Welcome to VMK International, powered by FONZEL. Home to one of the most sophisticated and advanced digital smart locker solutions available on the market. VMK International is revolutionizing the way we think of and use secure locker solutions, which is why our digital smart lockers combine innovation, technology, and practicality for all businesses, institutions, or individual usage. So, when you select a VMK International locker, you can expect only the best from a company with a wealth of knowledge in the smart technology industry. A VMK International locker delivers the highest standard of smart lockers on the market; safety, ease, and time savings are always upheld. Protect your assets without worry and attend to your package delivery on time and effortlessly. Gain organized storage that you can be confident in.


VMK International drives digital smart locker solutions by providing good service to all businesses and individuals with our focus on innovation, security, and our mission to ensure functionality and safe storage of valuables at all times around the world. Our mission is to continuously provide organizations with safe, easy, and efficient working expertise through technological advances and a customer-focused approach. This makes us efficient and committed to providing services anytime, anywhere. We are global solutions designed for the next generation of businesses, large and small, worldwide. Our philosophy enables us to provide valuable, reliable, and flexible services to our customers. With each passing day, our global efforts remain local and independent. Our vision is simple: identifying and developing smart digital solutions worldwide!

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Our vision is to create a world where smart digital lockers redefine simplicity and ease of use forever, making the ordinary extraordinary. Provide a solution to a customer's problem, simplify a daily task, track a valuable asset, and perform a multi-real and less powerful task all at once. We are committed to being the world's largest provider of smart locker solutions, constantly evolving and at the forefront of the connected future, protection and durability.

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