Parcel Lockers

How Parcel Lockers Work?

Choose smart parcel locker systems under the personal locker mode or assigned locker mode for daily usage. Occasional office visiting employees can utilize our temporary dynamic lockers, or hot lockers. Teams, such as HR or finance department employees working on common projects, can enjoy the benefits of shared lockers. Employees requiring time-based storage can pre-book staff lockers and receive email alerts before their scheduled time ends.

Parcel Lockers

Sustainable and Safe Pick-Up Points

Our Pick-UpPoints allow recipients to track parcels, assist with the loaning of IT equipment, and can even be used as a way to automate the return of your dry cleaning.
The easy-to-use system will notify recipients of their delivered item in real-time. Pick-up takes seconds, and the parcel lockers can be accessed with either the free smart phone app or the built-in interface, giving employees, residents, or customers a convenient self-service collection system that is available 24/7.

Parcel Lockers

Innovative and Flexible Smart Locker Solutions for Modern Workplaces

Our modern and flexible storage solutions enable swift release of lockers when employees leave. Your facility management can have the means to block specific lockers for cleaning or solace purposes. Employees utilizing lockers can receive push notifications via their phones or email.
We live in a fast-paced world where everyone expects a seamless delivery and collection experience that relies on security, convenience, and efficiency. Not just a smart parcel solution, parcel lockers can be applied to every workplace, industry, and market sector.

Benefits of Parcel Lockers


One drop-off and pick-up-point significantly reduces CO2 emissions


Receive monthly reports around usage


Less time will be spent managing parcels and deliveries

Antibacterial Finish

Provide lasting and effective protection and reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria


Open your designated parcel locker using the free and easy to use smart phone app

Real-Time Communication

Receive instant notifications around delivery, access codes, reminders and collection